• About Tina

    Tina Brown is a personal clothing stylist who lives in Santa Cruz California. Her wardrobe style make-over approach is based on the popular television show What Not to Wear, but much kinder. “You don’t have to spend a fortune or diet to look great!” says Tina. In fact she works with her clients’ existing wardrobe and within the client’s budget to get the most from their own closet. “Too many people are overwhelmed with the notion that they have to lose weight or invest their savings in an elaborate wardrobe. Not true.” Says Tina.


    Her company’s name “ilka” is derived from an ancient Scottish word which means each and every. The ilka philosophy of “Each and Every Style” is about indentifying how to dress to enhance your figure; highlight your coloring; flatter your face; and bring out your personal style.  Tina truly believes if you feel good about how you look you will be more confident and happier.


    With a B.S. in Environmental Design from UC Davis, her studies emphasized clothing as an environment for the body, not solely fashion. She interned with a French milliner in San Francisco and worked at Britex Fabrics where she took her first consignment making hats for a major runway event for Macy’s. Tina went on to work for the next ten years on fashion photo shoots and runway events in San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles. Some of her clients included Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Giorgio Armani. Her credits also include movie set costume stylist, and makeovers for clients ranging from female executives and retired professionals to new moms. TIna especially enjoys helping clients find their fashion identity after lifestyle changes


    ilka was created in 2006 when Tina was hired as a professional styling consultant to revise a friend’s wardrobe. Until that time, she had offered style advice to friends frequently but not professionally. Tina quickly realized her talent in guiding women (and men) in their fashion choices. She turned her passion of style make-over into her profession; bringing years of fashion experience and a desire to help clients feel and look better, using specifically tailored guidelines for them to follow.


    “Tina interpreted my love of vintage and ethnic clothing into chic and sophisticated personal style, instead of costumy-get-ups” -Maia

    “I had Tina come for a closet makeover and had fantastic results!  We got rid of loads of unflattering and outdated clothes and still had plenty left to work with.  Now I take my profile with me when I shop to help me select the most complimentary pieces and colors for my style.  Thanks Tina!” – Sue