spring in santa cruz, Delisch part 2

  • Delisch "Nibble" necklace and earrings

    Delisch “Nibble” necklace and earrings

    Tina: Can you tell us a little about your new “nibble” project?

    Denise: Yes, I can.

    T: To me it definitely feels like spring but I guess it has really been a year in coming.

    D: I was inspired by these incredible eucalyptus leaves I would see on my regular walks. They have these crazy wiggly outside edge which has been bitten or nibbled by eucalyptus beetles. I found out because I did some research on them. The trees are not hurt by the beetles unless there is a very large infestation. You end up with these incredibles shapes, each one being different. Even on these leaves sometimes when there are eggs laid on them you get these little spots or maybe dots and over time the leaves colors from this gray green to this pink. I think they are amazing. Most people hate eucalyptus trees but I think the leaves are just amazing!

    T: Well, I think some people don’t like them because eucalyptus trees are not indigenous to this area.

    D: Yeah, that’s right. I would collect these leaves, the ones that really caught my eye. So, that was my inspiration for a line that would be predominantly metal. Going forward I would actually like to have some tiny little stones set in them like the pattern of the eggs that had been laid on the leaves. I worked with a company in Oakland. I sketched and designed everything and they interpreted that into a computer drawing. I then tweaked, modified and approved the final design and they made 3D printed models for me. Next we made a set in solid sterling. There was a very chunky cuff, little baby studs, some drop earrings, some pendant necklaces and rings. I actually presented it at the San Francisco gift show and it was very well received!

    T: This will be the first time you haven’t handmade each piece?

    D: Yes, it is a new process. It’s been very interesting. I think having previously worked in graphic design and project management was helpful with this process. I have come up with a concept, drawn it, designed, tweaked it and then it is cast. This is what a lot of jewelers do.

    T: Absolutely.

    D: You can invest in the materials to do the casting but you need more space.

    T: Well, it seems like a natural progression for your work. And you have your other lines going as well.

    D: Yes, and I think it also speak to that other idea we were talking about that people like to see authentic natural elements. Part of the idea behind “nibble” would be to have unique elements I could incorporate into the rest of my lines too, which would give that greater authenticity or originality. The next step would be to have it in silver and a gold metal. A lot of designers now work in brass, which I am not adverse to.  You can also work in bronze. There is all sorts of technical things to consider. I don’t think it is line that price point wise will work in gold. I’m a little hesitant about doing it in vermeil, which is gold plating on silver, because that really responds to the air and can tarnish over time. But I would like to end up with a gold tone version plus the silver one. Those are things I am thinking about……………….slightly nerve wracking but exciting too!

    A closer look at "nibble"

    A closer look at “nibble”

    See more Delisch designs @ http://www.delisch.com


    Top photo by Crystal Birns

    Model is Izabelly Santos

    Makeup by Lisa Cadiente of Faces Salon

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