spring in Santa Cruz, Denise Peacock of Delisch designs

  • Delisch lariat necklace with white, silver and gray freshwater pearls.

    Delisch lariat necklace with white, silver and gray freshwater pearls.

    For the third part in my series on spring in Santa Cruz I interviewed Denise Peacock, the founder of Delisch jewelry. Delisch is celebrating her 12th year in business this week! I have known Denise since the inception of Delisch, and I believe I might have worn one of her first pieces! Delisch is luxurious handmade jewelry that features freshwater pearls, vintage beads and gems.

    Tina: Let’s talk spring!  When did you start thinking about spring?

    Denise: I start thinking about spring fairly early. The first time I show spring colors is in January when I go to the big trade shows. So, I have to have product ready. If I am looking to do something specifically for spring then it needs to be ready in January.

    T: January 2015?

    D: January 2016. So, basically if you separate the business into store clients and individual clients, the store clients will order ahead of time. They will go to the shows in the very early part of the year, January or February, to order for spring and summer. In the August shows they are looking to order for fall, winter and the holidays. If I want to incorporate any spring colors I have to start thinking about that ahead of the shows.

    T: That is not even as early as say New York FashionWeek, which is about 6-8 months ahead.

    D: No, because I design and hand make everything, I am a lot more nimble in that respect. If can look at trends and decide I really want to incorporate aquamarine, I can do that fairly quickly. I haven’t got this long chain of people.

    T: Well, that is my next question…………….do you follow the trends?

    D: I….. ummm I am mindful of the trends but I don’t necessarily follow the trends. That is partly to do with the fact that a lot of my pieces are a real sort of melange of palettes and colors. So I wouldn’t necessarily do a one palette piece because that is not my signature. I could be aware of the fact that navy is meant to be big this season, and I could do a little more sapphire pieces, for example, on my precious pieces. On my semi-precious pieces I probably wouldn’t do an all over one color palette.

    T: Where do you read or learn about the trends?

    D: Mostly online, just look at stuff online, coverage of the fashion weeks, read your blog….

    T: Haha read my blog- thank you! During my preparations for these interviews I read about the Pantone colors. Are you familiar with them?

    D: I am.

    T: Pantone says, “spring 2016 is a transporting and transformative canvas.”

    “Colors this season transcend cultural and gender norms”…………… how it is the same palette for men and women and how it is gender non specific and non bias.

    D: It’s very interesting. I can see how that ties in with growing acceptance or awareness of transgender issues and the softening of boundaries of all sort of things. What I would also say which is pertinent to my business as well is that maybe it might be an overall trend in big metropolitan areas but not one you would necessarily see here in Santa Cruz.

    T: Yeah, okay. One of the other big trends this spring being heralded by Neiman Marcus is “high impact earrings.”

    D: Statement pieces? I didn’t know that but it is interesting. If one of the sources for finding out was is doing well is looking at these big trade shows then that trend is not reflected in the trade shows. The things that seem to be doing really well, in terms of jewelry which is what I know best, is much more delicate pieces and pieces that have a real authenticity or story about them. They talk to the origin of the maker if it’s handmade or even if it is prefabricated it looks hand rendered or handmade. And tiny tiny little studs, which is completely different from the dramatic pieces.

    T: Have all the trade shows you have done been on the West coast?

    D: Yes.

    T: I just wondered because………………………..

    D: It could be different.

    T: Maybe it just hasn’t hit us yet or won’t at all. We sometimes tend to be a little behind on the West coast ;)

    D: So if you keep an eye on the trends but don’t necessarily follow them where does your ideas for spring come from?

    D: It tends to be a progression of things I have done before, maybe an enhancement of things I know work really well. So that is just a logical thing to do. Like I mentioned there seems to be a big trend for hand rendered, more delicate, more authentic, slightly organic pieces. That has definitely influenced new work I have been doing.

    Delisch "Lux Organic" necklace and earrings

    Delisch “Lux Organic” necklace and earrings

    T: I know sometimes you do new color ways on some of your bigger pieces like the lariat and the shorter chunky necklace? So, how do you decide which colors? Maybe that is where you listen in a little bit?

    D: I listen in but even then it is not straight forward. The other day I was looking into the canyon; it was one of those beautiful days. I was really struck by the gorgeousness of the color. Everything is just going crazy because we have just had the rain. There was really fresh greens and yellows. There was a tree that had an amazing gray pink tone to it. My mind starts spinning and thinking green, yellow, pink and gray………………….would be unbelievable! So, that is a new palette I’m thinking about. That is a direct inspiration of what is happening in spring. And because of the way my work is, the mixed color pieces, I can incorporate those things very quickly into pieces. They may not be at the trade shows but I can show them at artisan shows, on my website and sell them that way. I am definitely influenced by the physical change in the season.

    T: I have to say I have been as well. When I was planning this and thinking about the photo shoot………

    D: The blossoms……………

    T: Yes! I would actually like to shoot in the trees with models sitting in trees or surrounded by blossoms. The cherry blossoms that are out right now have just been gorgeous! So, I am thinking we are shooting in tress!

    D: That will be really cool! And I do think, while I personally love fall and fall colors, spring is such an invigorating time. Hopefully, it is for most people. It seems like a logical time to think about how you present yourself in terms of color and style.

    The other thing I have been thinking about for this spring is really trying to rethink pearls. Pearls are a big part of my collection and I just think they are incredible things but I have wanted to make them a little more edgy. I wouldn’t say younger or older but more less for special occasions and more for everyday. Perhaps a bit more fashion forward. With that in mind what I have been working on is incorporating pearls with gunmetal brass like  this anodized chain. Some of the long lariats we mentioned before I am doing like this.

    T: Mmmmm, I love them with the metal. It does give them an edge because the metal is darker, almost a dark gray, gives it a harder feel. Everything now is meant to be worn with jeans and sneakers as well…………..

    D: Because that is what people wear!

    T: Yes, that is what people wear. This looks great with the gray pearls!

    D: Yes, I am hoping to add some more elements and some of these are vintage brass elements. I am super excited about it! They have been really well received at the shows I’ve done.

    T: I hear you are also playing with another new direction……………………….

    D: Aha yes, it is called “Nibble” and it is an entirely new line I am designing!

    Stay tuned for more about “Nibble” in part 2 of my conversation with Delisch, which should be coming in the next few days………………………….


    All photos by Crystal Birns

    Model is Izabelly Santos

    Make up by Lisa Cadence of Faces Salon

    More about Delisch at http://www.delisch.com


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