Spring in santa cruz, Tobin W. Keller part 2

  • Men's magenta shirt with blue leather short by Tobin W. Keller

    Men’s magenta shirt with blue leather short by Tobin W. Keller


    Here’s another quick except from my interview with Tobin, which is where we got the idea on what items to shoot on Izabelly! The two shirts in the photos, the one above and the yellow shirt from the previous post, are actually mens!!!

    Tina: What other things are you thinking about with you line?

    Tobin: I have an interest in unisex clothing. Shirts that can be worn by men or women. I’m not there completely there with the shirts yet. The men’s shirts I am making now can be worn by women but they just won’t be as fitted as I would like them to be.

    Tina: I think that’s okay because some of them are sheer and you would layer them with a fitted tank top or camisole. You will still get your fitted silhouette underneath. You could also do a version that would have darts or something like that. But I think those shirts can easily lend themselves to being unisex.

    Tobin: The last pattern that I did for the button down is a more open pattern and it could be unisex. And I even like the short shirt sleeve look!

    Tina: Did you see, I know you were in Paris last summer,  young men dressed in jersey tees and jersey pants, which were very much unisex?  They had a  Rick Owens feeling. Were you influenced by that?

    Tobin: I don’t remember focusing on that. Paris is such a feast for the eyes with so much going on. But I do like the idea of it. I like silk jersey; it’s a wonderful fabric and its also a nice insulator too! I did see men wearing much looser clothing, more open clothing. I like that look. We are getting away from the tight spidery look that has been so prevalent in Paris in years past. However, I am not going to the harem pant direction at all or the dropped crotch look. Umm I just don’t think they are flattering no matter what body type you have!

    I have done a bit of the unisex or cross over clothing in the past with my collaborations with Barbara Bartels. We will see where I go with it next!

    Tina: Well, I am waiting for one of those beautiful button shirts!




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