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  • parking lot pants #3

    Spring trend; cool athletics

    April 15th, 2014 | News | admin | 2 Comments

    Yea, they may be sweatpants but sweatpants with black alligator skin (probably faux)  pockets! Actually loving his whole look.

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  • DSC_0003-014

    You’re gonna do what?!?!

    April 14th, 2014 | News | admin | No Comments

    Seriously, we are going to turn this white jumpsuit into a wearable piece of art. In fact we are going to do it in 6 different ways! Please join us this Friday night at the Museum of Art and History for FashionArt’s Paint to Wear!           Here’s more info:  

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  • DSC_0003-013

    Maybe not interesting

    April 11th, 2014 | News | admin | 2 Comments

    Maybe not completely interesting but I’ll take quirky and fun today!

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  • 3.1 Phillip Lim seen at Nordstrom

    Who wants to be interesting?

    April 9th, 2014 | News | admin | 1 Comment

    Last week when I was shopping in San Francisco with my 14 old daughter she pointed out this top. “That’s really interesting, isn’t it?” Yes, I had to agree it was but exactly who would wear it? It got me thinking about what one dresses for- to be interesting or to look pretty or to […]

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  • DSC_0021

    Did you go to the prom?

    April 8th, 2014 | News | admin | 2 Comments

      There was a great article in the Sentinel today about the Prom Dress Drive. Did you go to your prom? And if you did I bet you remember the dress! My senior year my best friend and I had our dresses made (yes, the beginning of my fashion career). My dress was flapper inspired […]

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