the new closet

the new closet

Closet Cleanse

… to bring out the new you!

Signature Style Analysis – Tina uses her trademark Three Elements of Style — body shape, coloring, and most importantly, your personality — to determine the best styles for you. Through this process, she’ll update your look and accentuate what makes you uniquely beautiful.

Edit & De-Clutter – Based on your Signature Style Analysis, we’ll get rid of clothes that don’t flatter you or are out of date.

Shop Your Closet – You’ll see your clothes in a whole new light — with new combinations that bring out your best look. Our goal is to make the most of what you already have.


Outfit making session – To save you time, we’ll put together new outfits you may never have thought of. Some clothes may need some creative tailoring, while others may be just right. We’ll add the perfect pair of shoes and an accessory or two, and voilà, you’ve got a new outfit without ever leaving your own closet.

List of clothing items to complete your new look – Tina will create a list of the key pieces missing from your closet. You can opt to shop for those yourself or Tina can do the shopping for you.

Tina’s time for this package: 3 hours for most closets; 4-5 for larger closets

Optional services to go with your closet cleanse:

For the clothing in your closet that’s gotta go, be sure to recycle and give back.

  • Consignment services – Tina will determine if you have items a consignment shop would love to resell. She’ll bring them to the consignment shop and bring you back the cash they offer.

  • Tax deductions -  Tina will bring your castaways for donation and give you back an itemized list of each item and what it’s worth as a tax deduction.

Tina’s time for these services varies based on amount of clothing